With 400 billion star systems to explore, there’s always something new to discover.

The stars, planets, moons, asteroid fields and black holes of our own Milky Way are the stage for Elite Dangerous’ massively-multiplayer galaxy. Exploring the 400 billion star systems of our galaxy will take commanders tens of thousands of years, and credits can be earned from every uncharted system.

System exploration involves deep scanning to determine the numbers and sizes of nearby planets and moons. The most thorough explorers will delve even deeper, traveling to each body to investigate, scan, and then return the data safely home. That data can be sold at a friendly starport – if commanders are able to survive the dangerous journey home.

Explorers may work alone or in teams, planning expeditions into unknown space. By visiting star systems and collecting data commanders are gradually mapping our galaxy, and the first commander to discover a new system will have their name forever marked in the history books.

Equip a Discovery Scanner and a Detailed Surface Scanner, and discover sights and spaces never-before seen by human eyes. Exploration offers direct progression to the rank of Elite.


Distant discoveries draw travelers and tourists from across human-occupied space. Explorers equipped with passenger cabins can make good money from interstellar sight-seeing.


Why trade in resources when you can gather your own? Mining requires specialized equipment, but asteroids rich in precious minerals can become literal goldmines for intrepid explorers.


Megaships are colossal vessels often found in deep space. Some safeguard secrets from distant ages, and some can even be boarded by commanders who make the long journey to meet them.