Arm yourself. It's a cutthroat galaxy out there.

It’s a cutthroat galaxy out there and you’ll need combat skills to survive. Whether you’re a trader, miner, explorer or dedicated combat pilot, you’ll need to be ready to stand your ground and fight.

Every ship can be outfitted weapons that fit your combat style, from rapid-fire multi-cannons to auto-targeting beam lasers. Combined with a selection of shields and armor, your ship can be armed to take on the galaxy’s pirates, law enforcement or even rogue commanders.

If you choose to fly in Open Play you’ll encounter other commanders in a galaxy where friendly fire is always on. Rogue commanders are those pilots who have betrayed the Pilots federation by turning on their own; those pilots can carry huge bounties, making them prime targets for skilled hunters.

And combat pilots now face a new challenge, rising from the shadows. Combat pilots are humanity’s frontline against the Thargoid alien incursion.  The Aegis research initiative has been created to arm and equip Commanders with experimental technology to defend the galaxy from the Thargoids.

There are credits to be made taking on assassination missions, hunting criminals or being a mercenary for the galaxy’s superpowers. Arm your ship, choose your battles and take on the galaxy. Combat offers direct progression to the rank of Elite.